A cost effective survey methodology that takes advantage of the efficiencies of a web-based interview method.

A web survey provides online feedback about case issues, case value, and juror profiles.


The web survey can target online research participants in specific venues. We present online respondents with a case narrative, arguments and exhibits, and the verdict form. The online presentation may also include audio narratives, video presentations, timelines, photographs, graphics, and other features that enhance interest, comprehension, and quality feedback.

Presentations of the case may be varied among different sub-samples to test theories about alternative arguments or evidence.

Participants then respond to a series of questions to assess their attitudes about case issues, verdict and damages. Demographic and experiential information is also collected to provide juror profiles of friendly and hostile jurors.

Questionnaire and report formats

A variety of questionnaire and report formats are available to customize your web survey.

Questionnaire formats include advanced interactive and multimedia features that engage respondents and enhance comprehension of the evidence. Many questionnaire quality controls are also available, including skip patterns, piping, randomization of response alternatives, etc.

Reporting formats range from automated tables and graphs to advanced statistical treatments to generate scientific juror profiles. Reports can be delivered in a number of ways, including via e-mail, intranet posting, live presentation, web conference presentation, or in printed form.

Advantages and caveats

Web Surveys have many advantages…

  • Cost-effective.
  • Large sample sizes.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Web respondents are opinionated and provide honest, frank feedback.
  • Data collected, stored, and delivered from our secure server.
  • Questionnaires can contain exhibits, interactive timelines, other graphics, audio and/or video presentations.
  • Create on-line panels for ongoing responses to new issues as they develop.


Strict controls are employed to protect the propriety of your survey.

Respondents must be targeted and individually invited to participate.

Access to the data and results is protected with encryption, firewalls, and tightly controlled passwords.

JBR expertise

JBR will quickly and accurately design, administer, and report your survey. Once you have participated in the initial planning and approval process; just sit back and relax as the results accumulate in real-time.

Web Survey demos

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