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I’ve worked with Aaron Abbott several times, all in high damage cases, and he is clearly the best at what he does—working with counsel to develop strategies for presentation of the high exposure/high damage case, assisting in strategies for jury selection and in preparation of the “challenged” witness.

George E. Peterson
Peterson & Bradford, LLP

Well, I must say, you were right on with your calls coming down the stretch. Thanks for all of your hard work, keen observations and sound recommendations. Your reports were extremely helpful to us here in NYC and, more importantly, to our trial counsel.

James Wilson
Philip Morris

Your thoughts about the key issues and themes in this case were very helpful, as were your suggestions for illustrative exhibits.

John Rosenthal
Williams, Kastner & Gibbs

Just a brief note to let you know how favorably [trial counsel] and I were impressed by your jury simulation research. This was really a first rate job. The results and conclusions of your study serve to support the reasonableness of our decision to settle this case.

Lee Nusich
Lane Powell PC

The information supplied by you in regard to the jury assessments was most helpful. In fact, your evaluations were the driving factor in [the client’s] decision to have the case settled. I appreciate the good work that you had done and I hope that we will be dealing with each other again in the future.

Frank Parks
Teilborg, Sanders & Parks

I have not yet thanked you as I should for your superb efforts on behalf of the defense… You helped take a potentially disastrous case and turned it into a very good result… I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you in this case, and I hope we can keep the same teamwork going in other cases very soon.

George Peterson
Peterson & Bradford, LLP

I wanted to thank you again for being available on quick notice to prep RS for his deposition. He did a great job. I also wanted to let you know that RS was very impressed with the prep session and appreciated your advice. I encouraged RS to pass along his comments to corporate counsel. On a personal note, your prep session with RS was much more productive and useful than the other firm that worked with other witnesses in this case.

Nikola Jones
Lindsay, Hart, Neil & Weigler

I thought you would be interested to know that the jury returned a defense verdict in the above matter in which you will recall having assisted with witness preparation. [The witness] still had difficult things to say but said them much better than the first time around and was very well accepted by the jury.

Ried Bridges
Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O’Keefe & Nichols

I reviewed [trial counsel’s] Defense Counsel Evaluation, specifically her description of the quality of witness each of our physicians would make. Then I read [the risk manager’s] update. I wondered if we were talking about the same witnesses we read in the Defense Counsel Evaluation. Since I was aware of all the work you did with these people, I brilliantly concluded that your input was immensely helpful. I also know from [trial counsel] that she very much appreciated all you did – not only in this area but also with her during the trial. I meant to write this letter on so many other cases where you have performed similarly. All I can say is that it is good we, rather than [our opponents], have you on our trial team.

Gus von Bolschwing
Sedgwick CMS

Excellent insight into both the witness preparation and jury selection aspects of trial preparation.

Mike Trotter
Carroll, Kelly & Trotter

Your professionalism and input enabled me to be as prepared as I could be for the deposition. With your help I was able to attain a better “comfort level” for the confrontation… If you weren’t aware of it, I spent many hours researching practices such as the one you work for and it became clear that your firm would be the best choice for assistance in this matter.

Fred T.

Dr. M’s depo was fantastic. The plaintiff dropped the case... It was a testament to the work you did... She was wound up tighter than a drum... You're at the top of my list.

Paul Silver
Lindsay, Hart, Neil & Weigler

Your assistance during the course of jury selection as well as witness preparation was invaluable. The jurors’ comments were of the type you had emphasized during the course of witness preparation.

Robert Cosgrove
Cosgrove & McGill

You get some of the credit for this win... The jury selection was near-perfect, and the post-verdict juror interviews showed that the jury profile we liked least fit the 2 jurors that cast plaintiff votes. So, congratulations (and thanks)… If I ever get near a courtroom, you’re my guy.

Charles Horn
LeClair Ryan

Thanks to you guys for being there for me on short notice when needed. They asked for $34,000,000 in closing. Result: Defense Verdict.

Dana McCune
McCune & Harber, LLP

This is simply fascinating. I have rarely been so engaged by an email. We have a lot to digest, though I must admit to being quite pleased with what I have read so far. Thanks!

Matthew Vella
Acacia Acquisition Research

Now that’s really cool!

Frank Heckman
BETA Healthcare Group

It was phenomenally helpful in enabling [the client] to assess this case. It was also very helpful in our negotiations in being able to say, 'Look, we've got a cohort of 180 hundred people who assessed the case this way, even after we wrote up the case slanted toward the plaintiff.' So, really useful information and very beneficial.

Robert Reback
Reback McAndrews Kjar Warford Stockalper

Terrific work Aaron, and very very interesting.

Steve Smith
Lewis Brisbois LLP

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise on “Effective Voir Dire” with SISCO’s Defense Panel. The evaluations were excellent!

Bonnie George
Sutter Health Systems

Your expertise and experience and willingness to share your thoughts with all of us made this program a resounding success.

Peter Richter
Miller Nash

Just a short note to thank you for your excellent presentation. Of all the panelists I thought your comments were the most pointed, and the most helpful.

Michael Lucey
Gordon & Rees

Your program was well organized, of informative content and very well presented. Truly, in my experience, the evaluation summary was one of the very best. The audience regarded your presentation as very professional. SCAHRM is fortunate to have access to such dedicated and knowledgeable people. Your continued support of our educational program is the reason that SCAHRM continues to be a leader in risk management education.

Denise M. Riley
Southern California Association of Healthcare Risk Managers

Everyone was quite impressed with your presentation and felt it was quite helpful.

John A. Peak
Peak, Vail & Williams

Our lawyers and investigators had high praise for your knowledge and insights. Your presentation dispelled the notion that jury consultants are attempting to control the system; to the contrary, it is obvious you are trying to eliminate and neutralize juror biases to create the “level playing field” attorneys desire.

Jeffrey A. Joseph
State of California, Department of Transportation, Legal Division.

Thanks very much for your Program concerning what juries are really talking about when awarding damages… I know everyone enjoyed your Program and found it very helpful in their analysis of what to expect of jury awards.

Craig R. Nelson
Ward Nelson, L.L.C.

On behalf of The Regents of the University of California, and the Office of the General Counsel, I want to thank you again for your participation in our recent Defense Panel Seminar. Your excellent presentation was a key feature in the program’s success. We are grateful to have your proven dedication and professional skill.

We look forward to a strong continued relationship.

Jeffrey A. Blair
University Counsel, University of California

From a recent Defense Panel Round Table, where the JBR speaker earned a 4.95 mean rating on a 1-5 (low to high) point scale rating for “Significant Current Intellectual or Practical Content:

  • Excellent—great examples.
  • I think another chance to use him in future sessions would be helpful. He is a wealth of info.
  • Eye opening and useful.
  • Fascinating—I would like to hear more.

Thank you for coming to the MIEC Defense Counsel Seminar, and, of course, for your outstanding contribution on how jurors view defense causation presentations. From the reactions of many present, you were a big hit.

David R. Lucchese
Galloway, Lucchese, Everson & Picchi




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