Elicit informative responses that identify biased jurors.

A Supplemental Juror Questionnaire (SJQ) can expose juror biases that are not easily detected in oral voir dire. They cover far more ground than oral voir dire, and they often elicit more candid responses than oral voir dire.


Jurors generally fill out the SJQ while motions in limine are argued so that there is no down time for the court’s normal procedures. The SJQ will cover personality, psychographic, experiential, and demographic variables that help predict verdict and leadership. Scanning technology may be used to input and statistically analyze data to generate a profile of each prospective juror.

A properly designed SJQ is concise and to the point. It includes the information needed to produce initial verdict and leadership ratings. It is also designed to it elicit “red flag” responses for follow-up in oral voir dire. A well designed SJQ will facilitate a more strategic oral voir dire; it is does not attempt to substitute oral voir dire.


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