Clinical interviews generating objective, candid feedback from jurors to:
(a) uncover juror misconduct, and/or (b) guide trial strategy for future cases.

We have conducted thousands of post-verdict juror interviews to obtain evidence of juror misconduct and to guide trial strategy for future cases. Our approach produces candid, impartial and complete feedback about what happened.


A comprehensive interview protocol is developed to assess every aspect of the case: the testimony, instructions, the presentation techniques of the attorneys and witnesses, juror verdict orientation, leadership, deliberation dynamics, jury composition effects, and overall experiences as a juror. A staff psychologist conducts one-on-one juror interviews by phone or in person. Reports can include individual summary memorandums, transcripts of the interviews, audio or video recordings for jurors who agree to a recorded interview, and a summary analysis. Affidavits or declarations can also be developed and submitted when juror misconduct is uncovered. (See our article, “Exposing Juror Misconduct.”)


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