Elicit instant, honest and unbiased feedback from a group through the use of wireless hand-held dials.

When you really need to know what people REALLY think, the PA allows you to:

  • Instantly see respondents’ answers to specific questionsEncourage honesty through anonymity
  • Eliminate "group-think" where some group members influence the opinions of others
  • Give everyone in the group an equal voice
  • Know how people are responding to every single argument, in every single moment of a presentation.


The Perception Analyzer (PA) is a wireless hand-held dial made by MS-Interactive. Mock jurors use it to indicate whether they are responding favorably or unfavorably to counsel’s arguments and witness testimony. The moment-to-moment responses are instantaneously displayed as scrolling graphs during the presentation for moderators and viewing clients. The graphs are overlaid onto a video of the presentation and preserved for later review. It all happens on the spot, so there is never a delay in getting the feedback you need on how jurors respond to specific arguments and testimony.

The PA can also be used to get instant feedback to specific questions posed by the moderator. Responses to specific questions about verdict and case issues are instantly displayed.  


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