Experimentally try a case—before stepping into the actual courtroom.

A Mock Trial provides feedback about the factors that will be pivotal to the jury’s verdict. Advance feedback from mock jurors can help the trial team evaluate, reformulate and refine trial strategies from the juror's perspective. The aim of Mock Trials is two-fold:
(1) to assess and understand a jurors' reactions to specific case arguments; and (2) to develop persuasive, research-based trial strategies and winning Persuasion Icons.


A Mock Trial involves the adversarial presentation of opening statements, key testimony, exhibits, demonstrative evidence, and arguments to groups of representative surrogate jurors. Based on the feedback from the mock juries, opening statement and evidence presentation strategies are revised. Specifically, the analysis and report will provide:


  • Analysis of the issues and factors that resonated with jurors and influenced their decisions
  • The strengths and weaknesses for both sides
  • The persuasive impact of witnesses
  • The persuasive impact of exhibits, demonstrative evidence, and presentation technologies
  • The Persuasion Icons™, or themes, that provide jurors with the organization structure which will optimize the probability of a favorable verdict
The result: specific recommendations for a trial presentation that is coherent, memorable, and persuasive. 

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