Identify hidden vulnerabilities and develop game plans and resolution strategies.

Many of our clients are corporate counsel, risk managers, or practice groups within law firms. These clients face large caseloads with varying value, or serial litigation. Our goal was to identify a service that could evaluate these cases in a cost effective manner, allowing our client to invest resources in only those cases that can justify and require a pre-trial research program.


Triage engagements are usually one-day or half-day conferences with individual attorneys, or with litigation or corporate law departments. We review case portfolios to help attorneys and case managers:

  • Think through how specific cases will likely play to jurors
  • Identify issues could emerge that were previously unappreciated
  • Prioritize projects and assignments
  • Make strategic recommendations for discovery and trial preparation

As part of this ongoing service, JBR draws from its database of cases to identify patterns and issues which have been addressed in the past, and reviews jury verdicts in the trial jurisdiction and other venues.


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