Develop juror profiles, assess public image, and evaluate case issues.

The Juror Attitude Survey (JAS) profiles jurors to identify the demographic, personality, experiential and attitudinal predictors of hostile and friendly jurors. Furthermore, where a defendant has a “high profile” name, or has been the subject significant media coverage, it is important to track the impact of coverage on the impressions jurors will bring with them into the courtroom. Finally, the JAS can evaluate how important various case issues are and help to refine the development of case themes.


The JAS is a telephone survey of a stratified, random sample of 400 or more surrogate jurors. They hear and respond to a neutral summary of the case facts, plaintiff arguments and defense arguments in order to assess the strength of arguments, the importance of various issues, and likely verdict and damage awards. Additional data is collected about attitudes toward high profile people and companies in order to assess overall public images. Finally, data about juror backgrounds, attitudes and experiences is collected in order to develop juror profiles that can identify and excuse biased jurors.


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