The Juror Prediction Model (JPM) is the most powerful tool available for developing
sophisticated, state-of-the-art, computer-generated juror profiles and jury selection strategies.

For high-stakes cases, we use large panel studies to create a database from which we can generate an empirical mathematical model of the probable verdict orientation of each prospective juror. This research methodology is particularly effective with those cases that cannot be fairly tested with a telephone or web based survey process.


The case is presented to large panels of surrogate jurors via video-tape. Extensive background information is also collected from each surrogate juror, along with their specific reactions to the cases themes, evidence and verdict questions. Due to the large sample size, we can develop a reliable mathematical model to predict an individual’s probable verdict orientation. Moreover, knowing which specific variables predict verdict, alone or in combination, guides the design of the Supplemental Juror Questionnaire.  


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